Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last night we made the trip down to Portland, Maine. We have a pretty cool weekend coming up here. Today we play the Portland Pirates who are an American Hockey League and affiliate to the Phoenix Coyotes. On the weekend we play two NCAA teams. The first match on Saturday against Boston College, then on Sunday against the University of Maine before we make the trip back to Freddy for Thanksgiving!

These will be three big tests for us as all these teams play at a high level. They will all be perfect building blocks for us as we kick start the regular season next Friday against our campus rivals STU.

It should be a pretty fun few days down here in the USA. I’ll get back to you guys after the weekend for some stories and highlights, and of course our first “Beauty of the Week” will be named.

PS: Bryce Swan wants everyone to know he's a self proclaimed "huge beauty"....  we'll have to see about....

UNB @ Portland 4/10/12
UNB @ BC 6/10/12
UNB @ U of Maine 7/10/1

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